Thrilling Face-Offs and Team Brawls: Top 5 Gang Beasts Alternative Games

Nolan Cavanaugh

25 Jun 2023

Thrilling Face-Offs and Team Brawls: Top 5 Gang Beasts Alternative Games

Gang Beasts has taken the gaming world by storm with its quirky and hilarious gameplay, making it the ultimate party game for all ages. Featuring rubbery wrestlers and treacherous stages, players go head-to-head in a slew of multiplayer brawls, kicking, punching, and grappling their way to victory. But what if you're seeking more games like Gang Beasts? In this article, we'll dive into the top 5 alternative games, offering up similar hilarity and excitement that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours on end.

1. Human: Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat game

Human: Fall Flat is a wacky physics-based puzzle and exploration game where you take control of an ordinary human named Bob. What sets this game apart is its unique physics mechanism that allows you to interact with objects and solve puzzles in creative ways. Filled with bumbling adventures and challenging puzzles, Human: Fall Flat is the perfect way to have a blast with your friends.

Gameplay: In Human: Fall Flat, players navigate various open-ended levels filled with complex physics-based puzzles. Bob can climb, jump, and grab objects, with players using both arms to interact with the environment. The challenge lies in the unique physics system that makes controlling Bob comically difficult to master. Players must work together to overcome obstacles and reach the end of each level while laughing at their mates' struggling attempts.

Story and Setting: Human: Fall Flat doesn't have a traditional storyline. Instead, the game focuses on exploring dreams filled with challenges inspired by real-world physics. The environment takes you through various surreal levels, like abandoned construction sites, floating castles, and ancient ruins. With cooperative play available, you and your friends can join forces to progress through this dream-like world.

2. Overcooked

Overcooked game

A chaotic twist on cooperative gameplay, Overcooked takes the world of cooking games by storm with its fast-paced and challenging nature. In this game, players assume the roles of chefs in a kitchen, rushing to prepare ingredients, cook meals, and serve them to customers before time runs out. This frantic and addictive game requires teamwork, communication, and impeccable timing to succeed in the culinary world.

Gameplay: Playing with friends or solo, players control multiple chefs, chopping, cooking, and serving various recipes within a given time limit. As more orders pile up, the environment becomes cramped and hectic, requiring witty coordination to complete tasks. To add to the chaos, the kitchen settings are filled with hazards like collapsing floors and rats stealing food, which further challenge your culinary skills.

Story and Setting: Players embark on a journey to save the Onion Kingdom from destruction. In order to become seasoned chefs, you must tackle various kitchens with increasing complexity and conquer different culinary challenges. The settings vary from simple kitchens to crazy locations like moving trucks, space stations, and ice floes, forcing you to adapt your strategies constantly.

3. Stick Fight: The Game

 Stick Fight The Game screen

Packed with chaotic multiplayer action, Stick Fight: The Game takes the brawling genre to a 2D setting. Players are minimalistic stick figures tossed into a range of hazardous stages, armed with a variety of weapons, fighting to be the last one standing. Combining elements of physics, strategy, and hilarious unpredictability, Stick Fight: The Game ensures an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Gameplay: With up to four players, Stick Fight: The Game challenges you to survive hazardous environments while eliminating your opponents. The game incorporates physics-based mechanics making every move unpredictable and hilarious, keeping you on edge. The weapons, ranging from pistols to laser swords, are randomly spawned and integrated into the levels, forcing you to adapt to new strategies as you fight for supremacy.

Story and Setting: Stick Fight: The Game doesn't follow a traditional storyline, instead focusing on pure multiplayer mayhem. The battles take place across 80 unique stages, varying from simple layouts to complex mazes. Each level is filled with environmental hazards like spikes, collapsing platforms, and deadly lasers, testing your adaptability and survival skills.

4. Move or Die

Move or Die game

Combining fast-paced action with ever-changing game modes, Move or Die is a multiplayer party game that will keep you on your toes. The title says it all: if you stop moving, you'll lose health and die. It features various mini-games and vibrant visuals, making Move or Die perfect for a night of hilarity with friends.

Gameplay: Up to four players can participate in numerous mini-games, each with unique challenges, lasting just 20-30 seconds. The games cycle randomly, and the gameplay constantly shifts from shooting to racing, or even flattening opponents with a hammer. Additionally, health constantly depletes, only regenerating when you move around, placing emphasis on quick thinking and constant action throughout the game.

Story and Setting: Move or Die doesn't have a traditional narrative but instead focuses on a customizable experience. The game allows you to create your own characters, choose game modes to play, and even develop your own mods. The mini-games take place in various colorful and cartoonish stages, with custom modifiers available to change the gameplay drastically and keep things fresh and entertaining.

5. Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Totally Reliable Delivery Service game

Prepare for fits of laughter as you and your friends play Totally Reliable Delivery Service, a ragdoll physics-based game featuring quirky delivery drivers. Teaming up with friends or flying solo, you must navigate through an open world to deliver packages on time while dealing with challenging physics and unpredictable obstacles.

Gameplay: In Totally Reliable Delivery Service, you control floppy delivery drivers tasked with delivering packages to various locations. Players grapple with the game's ragdoll physics as they navigate various cars, trucks, and even aircraft to make their deliveries. Collaboration is crucial, as you and your friends must work together to complete the tasks at hand. However, the hilariously unreliable physics and control mechanics often result in catastrophic bungles and entertaining mishaps.

Story and Setting: While the game doesn't have a traditional storyline, Totally Reliable Delivery Service lets you dive into its open-world sandbox filled with challenges and customizable characters. The environment is diverse, featuring various areas like cities, seaside towns, and even snow-capped mountains. The world is filled with explorable experiences, wacky NPC characters, and hidden surprises that bring life to your package delivery adventures.

Bottom Line

Gang Beasts offer a brilliant mix of unique gameplay, hilarious physics, and action-packed brawling that keeps players entertained for hours. However, these top 5 alternative games provide equally thrilling and chaotic experiences that you and your friends can enjoy together. Whether you're solving puzzles in Human: Fall Flat, racing against the clock in Overcooked, battling it out in Stick Fight: The Game, keeping up with the fast-paced action in Move or Die, or grappling with unique challenges in Totally Reliable Delivery Service, these games promise endless laughter and unforgettable memories. Don't miss out on these hilarious party game experiences!