Sony's PS5 Cloud Gaming Kicks Off With 4K Support and Selective Membership

Jasper Beaumont

10 Aug 2023

Sony's PS5 Cloud Gaming Kicks Off With 4K Support and Selective Membership

Cloud gaming is transforming the landscape of online interaction and gameplay, and Sony is jumping on the bandwagon with its PlayStation 5 (PS5). Reports indicate that Sony has initiated the roll-out of its public beta access for PS5 cloud gaming, providing selected PS Plus Premium members the privilege of streaming selected games in high-resolution quality.

Involved in June's discussions around cloud streaming, Sony confirmed that the new feature would be incorporated. Albeit, the specifics were left uncertain, particularly around the supported resolution element. Interestingly, the latest claims indicate that the maximum resolution is player-dependent, based on the individual's internet connection rather than preset by the company or game. This development means that selected players can enjoy games in sharp resolution, like 4K, without needing to own or download the games.

The process seems robust yet promising. Early beta testers have been given four main resolutions to choose from - 720p, 1080p, 1440p, and the striking 2160p(4K). As per assertions by user Arashi, the cloud gaming system efficiently syncs with game saves and continues progression from the last point. However, due to high-speed internet processing, images can get slightly condensed into a haze, a minor setback countered by the convenience of the system. 

As for gaming options, the cloud streaming catalog is diversified to include twelve selected games. A mix of first-party PlayStation titles and third-party entries are included. Notable games are God of War Ragnarök, Horizon Forbidden West, Fortnite, and Fall Guys, among others. With the backup of these appealing games and the added perks like the resolution choice, Sony aims to recruit more players to the PS Plus Premium/Deluxe subscription.

Sony's move to introduce cloud gaming to the PS5 is an extension of its previous PlayStation Now service, which only existed before the company’s revised plans. Unlike the previous service, the cloud gaming feature now only works for the PS5 and does not extend to PC streaming. The tech giant's CEO, Jim Ryan, indicates that this is just the tip of Sony's innovative 'iceberg', with more aggressive plans set for future deployment. Questions remain on whether the upcoming handheld Project Q will support cloud gaming. However, for now, Sony seems to have shot its first arrow into the cloud gaming world. With flexible resolutions, a selective gaming catalog, and appealing subscription packages, the PS5 cloud gaming service asks for your attention. Are you game?