Reliving the Past: A Final Fantasy 14 Fan Recreates the Original Game Dialogue

Jasper Beaumont

29 Aug 2023

Reliving the Past: A Final Fantasy 14 Fan Recreates the Original Game Dialogue

In an epic display of dedication to the renowned fantasy game, a Final Fantasy 14 superfan, Sounsyy, painstakingly transcribed the entire dialogue from the game's original run, now lost after Square Enix's drastic reboot. This marks a unique and comprehensive compilation of Final Fantasy 14's lore, allowing fans to relive the magic of the original game, which was marred by issues but held a unique charm.

Sounsyy's project is a meticulous labor of love spanning several years. Every possible line they could find - main scenario and side quest dialogues, NPC chit-chat, even in-game newspaper articles - has been compiled into an extensive Google Docs series. This milestone is a landmark source for fans of the game, enabling them to traverse the forgotten dialogues of the original Final Fantasy 14 that was wrought with problems upon its initial release in 2010.

The transcribed repository is a whopping 1500 pages long, surpassing the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy by nearly 300 pages. The main scenario from Final Fantasy 14's original run itself covers 290 pages, while 260 pages are dedicated to side quests' dialogues. Class and job quests, the Grand Company story quests, and other additional lore information sum up the rest of the transcript.

The feedback from the gaming community has been phenomenal, with legacy players eager to journey down memory lane and newer fans to learn more about the world's history and their favorite characters. Final Fantasy 14 players everywhere are marveling at the sheer scope of Sounsyy's dedication, and the profound love for the game manifested in such a structured, meticulous project.

This is not the first time Sounsyy has offered a deep dive into the world of Final Fantasy 14. They have been meticulously compiling lore from both in- and out-of-game sources, presenting them on their personal Tumblr. This virtual space stands as an endless source of Final Fantasy 14 knowledge and a must-visit for any player, new or seasoned, to lose themselves in the intricate lore of the game. Sounsyy's transcript is more than a project - it's a testament to passion, a love letter to the Final Fantasy 14 realm that will delight fans across the globe.