Palworld Surpasses 100,000 Daily Players on Steam Two Months After Launch

Nolan Cavanaugh

25 Mar 2024

Palworld Surpasses 100,000 Daily Players on Steam Two Months After Launch

Two months post-launch, Palworld continues to retain a significant player base, with daily concurrent users on Steam exceeding 100,000, and this is before the game's major content updates have even been released.

Since its initial release, Palworld has demonstrated remarkable endurance, consistently drawing in over 100,000 players daily to Steam for gaming sessions.

Upon its debut in January, Palworld instantly became a hit, with sales reaching two million copies within the first day on both PC and Xbox platforms. It quickly amassed more than two million concurrent users on Steam shortly thereafter, a milestone previously only achieved by Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Two months down the line, this unique blend of Pokemon and survival genres continues to captivate a significant audience.

Current data from SteamDB shows that Palworld's daily concurrent user count comfortably exceeds 100,000 on Steam. As of the latest, the 24-hour peak was recorded at 106,980, with Tuesday, March 19 – marking two months since launch – seeing 112,381 users engaged in gameplay. The past weekend saw even higher peaks, with over 140,000 concurrent players recorded on Saturday, March 16.

Though these numbers don't quite match the initial explosion of interest, Palworld maintains a solid position among Steam's most engaged titles, with predictions of its popularity surge once more upon the release of anticipated expansions. Developer Pocketpair's roadmap promises exciting future additions, including endgame raids, PvP, server transfer, enhanced Pal AI, new islands, and further expansions.

Community manager Bucky recently spoke on the gradual decrease in Palworld's player base, offering words of reassurance to fans. They emphasized the value of exploring diverse gaming experiences and affirmed the team's unwavering support for both current and former Palworld players, encouraging them to return whenever they feel ready.

It's time to move beyond the simplistic label of 'Pokemon with guns' for Palworld, as it truly represents an innovative hybrid of survival gameplay and a unique form of management simulation.