Epic Games Introduces New Revenue Sharing System That Could Transform Fortnite Ecosystem

Nolan Cavanaugh

28 Mar 2023

Epic Games Introduces New Revenue Sharing System That Could Transform Fortnite Ecosystem

Epic Games is shaking up the way creators are paid through their popular game, Fortnite. Now 40 percent of the profits generated by the game will be shared with content creators who produce content for it. This new system, known as “Creator Economy 2.0,” could have a transformative effect on Fortnite and its vibrant ecosystem of players, streamers, and other content creators. 

Under this new system, Epic will pay out 40 percent of all net revenues made from things like V-Bucks (the in-game currency), its own monthly subscription service called “Fortnite Crew,” and in-game outfits such as those created for crossovers with YouTube stars like MrBeast or characters from Resident Evil. This money goes into what is called the Creative Mode pool to be distributed among creators based on how much engagement their islands receive from players other than Epic's own creations. 

The rewards that come from participation in Creator Economy 2.0 can range from custom emotes to exclusive leaderboards displaying creator rankings across different categories like kills or wins each month to even real-world merchandise such as t-shirts or hats featuring creator logos/branding designs. Furthermore, these rewards can also be used to help promote one's brand or island further by giving away free items or offering discounts to subscribers who support them directly through donations/subscriptions, etc. 

With this new system comes an opportunity for smaller streamers and content creators alike who may not have had access to larger audiences before but now could potentially benefit from engaging with a more diverse set of people due to the larger reach provided by Creator Economy 2.0. Additionally, it incentivizes creativity among those creating within the space instead of simply using existing assets due to how much more rewarding coming up with unique ideas can become under this new arrangement.  

In conclusion, Creator Economy 2 . 0 has opened up many doors for both small and large-scale content creators within Fortnite's ever-growing community. No longer do they need to worry about getting lost in a sea of competition; instead, they can focus on honing their craft while reaping tangible rewards thanks to their newfound ability to capitalize off engagement across multiple platforms.