Early Dragon’s Dogma 2 Gameplay Surfaces on Twitch to Capcom’s Dismay

Nolan Cavanaugh

20 Mar 2024

Early Dragon’s Dogma 2 Gameplay Surfaces on Twitch to Capcom’s Dismay

In an unexpected twist, a live broadcast featuring over four hours of gameplay from the much-awaited Dragon's Dogma 2 surfaced on Twitch, broadcasting well before its scheduled release. The broadcaster behind the premature showcase claimed to have acquired the role-playing game from a retail giant, citing their transaction proof and defending the act as lawful.

At the time of reporting, the Twitch user known as JustIchor was actively sharing their gameplay experience with Dragon's Dogma 2 to an online audience, despite the official launch date being days away. However, their session was abruptly halted, with the stream being replaced by a notice stating the removal of the content at the copyright owner’s behest, indicating Capcom’s intervention in protecting its intellectual property.

The streamer's early access to Capcom's eagerly anticipated sequel caught many off guard, including nearly a thousand viewers at its peak. Despite numerous hints at potential legal actions from Capcom, the broadcaster remained unfazed, asserting the purchase’s legality and their right to stream. They believed that using a VPN to mask their streaming activities would prevent any direct repercussions, a notion that proved overly optimistic as Capcom moved swiftly to enforce their copyright.

Meanwhile, other early experiences with Dragon's Dogma 2, though acquired through more conventional channels than a Walmart purchase, also began to circulate. These hands-on previews offered a glimpse into what awaits players without stepping over the legal boundaries that come with unauthorized early streaming.

While the saga of the early stream draws attention, it underscores the anticipation surrounding Dragon's Dogma 2. It remains to be seen if this sequel will carve out its legacy among the pantheon of role-playing greats, yet the buzz around its release is undeniable.