A New Photo Mode in TikTok: How Instagram Inspires Trendsetter

Nolan Cavanaugh

10 Oct 2022

A New Photo Mode in TikTok: How Instagram Inspires Trendsetter

TikTok, which sets all the trends of social networks, decided to look back and see what its predecessors were doing there. It noticed something interesting that wanted to adopt for itself. We say about the "Photo mode".

The eternal question "Which came first—the chicken or the egg?" is not famous regarding social media. We all know where this or that feature appeared for the first time and captured the attention of millions of users. Usually, platforms with a longer history copy or adapt new applications' capabilities to avoid falling behind in trends. But sometimes, the opposite happens. This story is about that.

The innovative TikTok has launched a new tool, "Photo mode", which allows sharing photos. The post can be added a text of up to 2200 characters. These posts can be seen in the "For You" menu. This is all very similar to how posts appear on Instagram next to Reels. 

To not reveal its source of inspiration, TikTok decided to improve its function. In its version, you can add music to the photo. This will also become a bottomless source of creativity in creating memes.

According to the developers, this tool will promote the self-expression of users and enable them to communicate with others on deeper levels. However, if we talk about the users themselves, not all of them are satisfied with the innovation. After all, reposts have always been the prerogative of Instagram, while TikTok tends to emphasize original publications.

Have you tried "Photo mode" yet? Do you like reposting, or do you prefer your content?